Virtual land can be worth more than the real thing after plot sells for record $1.5M

A non-exchangeable token, or NFT, digital plots of land sold for $ 1.5 million in the crypto-tamagotchi virtual ecosystem, Axie Infinity.

The platform introduces NFTs for “Axies”, fictional creatures living in a player-controlled virtual world called “Lunacia”.

On February 8, a community member bought nine digital land plots in Luncia as one for 888.25 Ether – worth over $ 1.5 million at the time.

Lunancia spans 90,601 plots of land in total, 19% of which are actually owned by players.

Jupiter, known as the “Flying Falcon,” explained why it bought the nine Genesis plots in A. tweet, Stating

“We are witnessing a historic moment. The emergence of digital nations with their own regimes of irrevocable and clearly defined property rights. Axie Land has recreational value, social value and economic value in the form of future resource flows.”

The new digital landowner noticed Axie’s impressive growth during 2020, including a 743% increase in NFT holders, a 608% increase in market size, and an increase of over 3,000% in active monthly users.

The sale also marked the first anniversary of the launch of Axie’s Ronin Mainnet – the platform’s side chain designed to ease the pressure of Ethereum network congestion and gas fees on players.

Axie Infinity is also planning to launch an interactive system called “Project K” which will allow players to explore, decorate, battle and harvest resources on their virtual land.

On February 9, major DEX SushiSwap added a liquidity pool for original Axie token holders AXS. In the past 48 hours, Sochi reported that a WETH / AXS pool had accumulated more than $ 1 million in cash.

The economies of digital real estate are growing rapidly in popularity, and Decentraland is currently one of the most popular economies, with the largest ever being ranked at $ 40 million. According to, the average price for a virtual plot is around $ 343.

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