Weekend Update’s Colin Jost Tackles Gina Carano, Morgan Wallen Controversies – Deadline

The acquittal of former President Donald Trump may have made headlines on Saturday morning, but the impeachment trial lasted only a part of SNLWeekend update section.

Anchor Colin Ghost said the trial, which resulted in Senators voting to acquit Trump for inciting violent insurgency on January 6, “must be the stupidest trial I have ever seen.” While Ghost noted that “the trial took place at the crime scene,” Che noted the addition of his own year of trial, which included videos of the attempted mutiny.

“It’s part of black history – just because there are acts of violence you won’t get condemned against men,” Che said, referring to the countless incidents recorded of police brutality that often go unpunished.

“SNL” parody of MTV dating Cringey format “What’s your type?”

However, there were other notable moments from the most recent weekend update clip when Jost took on some of the week’s most controversial headlines in pop culture.

Initially he took over the country singer and ex SNL Artist Morgan Wallen, who has since received violent reactions from social media and collaborators for saying the n-word. Despite being dropped by WME and ineligible for awards, Wallen received some good news as sales of his album skyrocketed due to racial controversy.

The growing popularity of Wallen’s music is only to prove “my long-standing theory that if NBC only lets me say (the n word) the ratings go up,”

He also took shots in The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano, who dropped Lucasfilm and Utah after her anti-Semitic remarks. However, the weekend update anchor did not believe that star Wars The franchise was in the best position to criticize Carano.

“Yes, I don’t know if star Wars She is the authority on what is anti-Semitic, “he said, referring to the controversial design of Watt from Imaginary risk. “If this wasn’t Nazi propaganda, I don’t know what it was.”

Chi and Ghost also played Law, Valentine’s Day, and more.

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